October 25 & 26, 2018

283, Alexandre-Taché Blvd
Grande salle de l’Université du Québec en Outaouais
Gatineau-Ottawa (Canada)


$125 members of IN-SEC-M

$195 non-members of IN-SEC-M

$35 for Thursday PM only       

Free for purchasing organizations and representatives of the government

The global market for cyber security products and services is expected to grow annually by 10,6% to reach US$ 202.36 billion by 2021 (Research and Markets, 2016). To create new growth and development opportunities for Canadian SMEs in this industry, In-Sec-M is organizing the Cyber Security Forum, a business networking event to connect purchasing organizations and cyber security providers.

Meet key industry players and develop cyber security projects.  


Thursday, October 25

Networking lunch SERENE-RISC / IN-SEC-M

12:15 PM

This networking lunch, jointly organized by IN-SEC-M and SERENE-RISC, will mark the end of SERENE-RISC Annual Workshop and the start of the IN-SEC-M Cyber Security Forum. It will provide a unique networking opportunity for cyber security professionals from academia, industry and government.

Registration will start at 11:30 AM.

Be quick, only 50 places available! (FULL) 


Women in Cyber Security: Discussion panel


Cyber security has escalated from an IT challenge to a strategic corporate issue that demands C-suite ownership and action, and the right mix of diverse top talent to create and implement impactful offensive and defensive cyber strategies.

As cyber security threats continue to grow as a global priority and concern in a rapidly evolving digital world, the demand for skilled cyber security talent exceeds supply. A key challenge: the number of female professionals in the industry has remained stagnant at 11%, despite the global expansion of the cybersecurity industry*. Inclusivity and diversity are proven multipliers to performance and economic growth, and a critical success factor for companies and organizations with a global focus – including those in the critical cybersecurity field. 

This panel will directly address this imperative with cyber experts from industry, academia and government, and explore:

  • Key opportunities and challenges of creating a diverse mix of cyber security talent, and creates a strong pipeline of female cyber leaders from the C-suite down
  • The benefits and advantages of creating a diverse workforce in the global war for top cyber talent
  • Strategies to attract, retain and develop more women in cyber security and related technology fields, and equip them for success
  • Achievements to build upon, actionable guidance and recommended actions


  • Thusha Agampodi, Engineering Manager, Magnet Forensics
  • Gabriela Nicolescu, Professor, Polytechnique Montréal, Founder of Kyber Security
  • Carolyn Raab, VP, Product Development, Corsa Technology
  • Fabienne Dicanot, IT Security Advisor, Hydro Quebec
  • Brigitte Legault, Supervisor IT Security Solutions and Lead for Diversity Outreach, Communications Security Establishment


  • Sonya Shorey, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards

This panel will be hosted in English. Questions may be asked in both official languages, French or English. 


AI and Cyber Security: Opportunities and challenges

Presented by Prompt

3 PM

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are amazing and apply, especially in recent years to more and more specific areas. For cybersecurity, AI developments are both an opportunity to provide even more effective solutions to better protect themselves, but they also represent growing challenges when faced with cyber attacks that increase in sophistication. respite.

Organized in collaboration with Prompt, this activity will showcase networking opportunities between industry and the research community to develop cybersecurity R & D projects that have a direct link to AI.

Prompt will also offer you financial levers for your R & D, thanks to grant programs.

Main Speaker

  • José M. Fernandez, ing., Ph.D., The Role of AI in Cybersecurity (Polytechnique Montréal)

Various Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have employed in both academic research and commercial products in cybersecurity for over 20 years.  In this presentation we will review what techniques have been applied to which problems, and attempt to explain why AI-based security has fallen short of the mark.  We will discuss how we think AI will be best employed in the future, i.e. AI-assisted human based security and security of cyber physical systems.

Cyber Security innovations

  • Fehmi Jaafar PhD, Combating Insider Threats by Profiling from Activity Logging Data (Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM))
  • Youssef Jad, Jarvis A.I. Pentester (PM SCADA)
  • Biswajit Nandy PhD, Use Cases: Applying Machine Learning for Cyber Security (Solana Networks)


Networking cocktail

4:30 PM

Join us for the networking cocktail from 4:30 pm!


Friday October 26

Greeting and breakfast

8 AM


Presentations of the contractors and governmental organizations


9 AM

Canadian Center for Cyber Security

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) will offer a unified approach to cyber security that will build on Canada’s already world-class cyber security expertise.  It will centralize cyber innovation and collaboration for the country and be a place where private and public sectors work side-by-side to solve Canada’s most complex cyber issues. The Cyber Centre will be a single unified source of expert advice, guidance, services and support on cyber security for government, critical infrastructure owners and operations, the private sector and the Canadian public. With the Cyber Centre, Canadians will have a clear and trusted place to turn to for cyber security issues.

Shared Services Canada 

Shared Services Canada (SSC) is responsible for delivering mandated email, data centre and network services to partner organizations in a consolidated and standardized manner to support the delivery of Government of Canada programs and services. SSC also provides certain optional technology-related services to government organizations on a cost-recovery basis. Budget 2013 further expanded SSC’s mandate, adding the consolidation of government-wide procurement of software and hardware for workplace technology devices.

Innovation for Defence, Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program

Are you an innovator? Regardless if you are working from your home, an academic in a university lab or a scientist in a small or a major corporation, the Innovation for Defence, Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program is looking for your solutions to help resolve defence and security challenges. This is your opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas!

Since its launch in April 2018, IDEaS has been posting Challenges for the Canadian Innovation Community. The various elements of IDEaS, which include Competitive Projects, Contests, Innovation Networks, Sandboxes, and Innovation Assessment & Implementation are going to be used to present these Challenges to you!

Industrial and Technological Benefit Policy (ITB) 

Canada's Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS), announced in February 2014, has transformed Canada's Industrial and Regional Benefit (IRB) Policy into the Industrial and Technological Benefit (ITB) Policy. This change will help ensure that defence and security procurements going forward are better leveraged to create jobs and economic growth in Canada.

A core element of the ITB approach is a rated and weighted Value Proposition. Bidders will be motivated to put forward their best Value Proposition for Canada in their bid proposal, as industrial considerations will now directly influence which bidding firm wins a contract.


Presentations of cyber security innovations

10:30 AM

“ Cyber security is not only essential for protecting the sources of Canada's digital innovation — it has become a source of innovation in its own right.” National Cyber Security Strategy, 2018

Be on the assignment of emerging technologies in cybersecurity. Come see a series of presentations, in the form of "pitch contest", the latest innovations in the field of cybersecurity. You may identify your partner or preferred provider for your next cybersecurity project.

The following companies will present their innovations:

  • Eric Swedersky, Advancing Digital Identity and Attribute Sharing in Canada (SecureKey)
  • Bruno Couillard, Quantum-Safe IoT: A Necessity for Today's Smart World (Crypto4A)
  • Charles Pion, Security for Smart Applications (Kyber Security)
  • Hadi Bennazadeh, Efficient High-Speed Machine Learning Processing for Cyber-Security and Network Operations (StreamWorx.AI Inc)
  • Roch Cousineau, The Human Fix to Human Risk – Five Steps to Masterminding an Effective Security Awareness Program (Terranova)
  • Georgios Depastas, Data protection on the cloud, Stronger & Faster than ever imagined (Kalepso)
  • Steve Borza, Workable Citizen e-Identity for Omni Channel Identification (Bluink)


Networking lunch

12 PM



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The Cyber security Forum offers prime contractors the opportunity to meet potential suppliers or partners to develop or implement cyber security projects. You will learn about Canadian cyber security expertise as well as interact with SMEs and research centres specializing in the field.

Targeted public organizations

  • Government organizations involved in the implementation of Canada’s new National Cyber Security Strategy
  • Public and parapublic organizations that face cyber security challenges (e.g. departments, agencies, cities, health facilities, crown corporations)
  • Government organizations offering programs to support innovation and business development

Targeted private organizations

  • Defense contractors with industrial and technological benefits obligations
  • Private companies in vertical sectors such as intelligent transport systems, banking and fintech, aerospace and critical and intelligent infrastructures

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